Base Camp soy candle

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Dawn has broken, but you've been awake for hours; too excited to sleep. As you look around you, you can't help but be in awe of your surroundings. So lush. So green. This is the ideal Base Camp, and you plan to make the most of it. How long its been since you've been able to do this? How long has it been since you've been able to get away from the office? To get out of the city? Away from the constant buzz and hard concrete? Too long. Far too long. The wilderness called to you, and you finally listened.

Your senses peak. The sweet, crisp evergreens around you. The soft earth beneath you. The warm fire in front of you. You're finally home. The real adventure lies before you.

Top: saffron + evergreen + citrus
Heart: woods + amber + cinnamon
Base: sandalwood + patchouli + cedarwood

100% US sourced soy wax
lead-free cotton wicks
high-quality fragrance blends
burn time: 40-50 hours