Drifter reed diffuser

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It was obvious from the moment that he walked in that he was not from around here but then again, he wasn't really from anywhere. He was a Drifter. Never said what he was running toward or away from and frankly, you didn't care. He smelled of mystery and desert nights. Open highways, summer rain, and a hint of danger. He could be gone tomorrow, but that only added to the allure.
The question though, is that when he does go, will you go with him?

Top: sage + lavandin + orange
Heart: rose + oakmoss + grapefruit
Base: sandalwood + amber + tonka

low maintenance
100% natural, sustainably-sourced reeds
High quality fragrance blends.
lasts 2-3 months
rotate reeds every 2-3 weeks to ensure fragrance longevity