Mission Fig room + linen spray

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The trip along the coast was something straight out of the movies. The road was wide open, as though made just for the two of you. Despite the heat, she insisted on leaving the top down; said it made her feel free. You glance over and there she is, arms in the air holding the very scarf that, just moments ago, held her hair perfectly in place. She was indeed free. As the wind tossed her auburn hair in every direction, the scent of sunshine, ripe figs, lily of the valley, and pure happiness captures your complete attention, and you lose yourself in the moment.
It's her. It's always been her.

Top: grapefruit + lemon + bergamot
Heart: fig + peach + muguet
Base: okume wood + patchouli + amber

safe on fabrics, upholstery, bedding
high quality fragrance blends.
great at masking pet and other odors
lasts 2-3+ months
separation is normal. shake before use.