Go bold and feminine with VENQUE’s new classic, the Diamond Mini Backpack. Crafted with our signature VENQUE coated cotton, this minimalist backpack features two symmetrical outer zip closures for easy access, and topped with a luxurious quilted leather flap over the main compartment, making a bold statement to complement any urban look.
A perfect and trusty companion for your day-to-day routine, our Diamond Mini Backpack is simple, yet hiding the most thoughtful and modern details. It is a tribute to those who flaunt their individuality while appreciating timeless elegance and innovation.

Diamond Shaped Stitching
Leather Zipper Pull
Leather Handle
Leather Logo Patch
Light Weight
100% Water Resistance
Real Leather Trimming
New Coated Cotton Material
Durable, Luxurious Touch and Look

Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm x 5cm

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